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The History of The Georgetown Stables - a historic Seattle event venue

Constructed in 1888 on the grounds of the former horse stables for the Dawanish Race Track (1869-1878), The Georgetown Stables, an historic Seattle event venue, was one of the first buildings constructed during the development of homes and businesses for Georgetown in 1892. Built while the Seattle Driving Park was still operating (1883-1892), The Georgetown Stables have been a central feature of The Georgetown neighborhood for over 136 years; a gathering place for the community then and today. 

Guest's laughing and holding champagne during a private event at The Stables a historic event venue in Seattle Washington

The Meadows Racetrack built 1-2 miles south of The Stables in 1901, is considered the first "great" racetrack in Seattle. In its heyday, The Meadows Racetrack's grandstands held over 10,000 spectators, and their stables held over 620 horses. The Georgetown Stables played its role in stabling horses and providing transportation to its spectators. 

Two maps comparing the Greater Seattle Area in the mid 1800s to today. The Stables a historic event venue in Seattle Washington location is marked on the map
Northern X marks the approximate location of the Georgetown Stables, the Southern X represents the approximate location of The Meadows Race Track (the first great race course in PNW).

In 1869, 42 years before The Meadows was built, John Pinnell, a Seattle saloon and brothel owner, built the Dawanish Race Track. The track was open until 1878 when it closed. It would re-open in 1883 as the Seattle Driving Park and remained active until 1892 when the land was developed for homes and businesses. The Dawanish Race track was listed in the 1890 Seattle Directory as being near The Claussen-Sweeney Brewing Company and the Park Hotel. This places the track near the modern address of 6009 Airport Way, making the modern businesses of Smarty Pants, Maude's, Fonda La Catrina, El Sirenito, The Stables, and many other adjacent businesses neighbors and active participants in the history of Georgetown.

We are proud to showcase the vibrant history of Seattle while providing a place for the community to join together and celebrate. Now a fully restored historic rental venue in Georgetown, Seattle, The Stables holds its historical roots with a modern adaptation throughout its recent renovation. The building features high ceilings, original brick walls, and beautiful antique wooden ceiling beams.

Image shows the vintage lighting & historic wooden ceiling beams that make The Stables, a private event venue in Seattle, a special place to celebrate

Pictured: visually appealing window surrounded by bricks. A feature of The Stables, a private event venue in Seattle Washington

Once the grounds of the first race track in Seattle, for the last 15 years The Stables hasn't hosted horses, it has hosted weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, and more. This historic Seattle venue is now a part of the Fonda La Catrina & El Sirenito Restaurant family! We hope to be a gathering place of Georgetown and the greater Seattle Washington area for another 136 years.

Contact us today for any of your private event needs, we look forward to helping you celebrate!

-CJ Mutson (Event Manager)



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